Gooseberry Syrup


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A premium Gooseberry Syrup with a hint of elderflower. Handmade in Pembrokeshire using natural ingredients. 250 ml.

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We prepare our Gooseberry Syrup with whole fruit that we carefully combine with cane sugar and a little elderflower. This results in a complex, subtle combination of fruity freshness and floral aromas.

The simple ingredients make our syrups naturally versatile, and the marriage of gooseberry and elderflower works particularly well. As a result, it makes a great cocktail mixer for gin or prosecco and adds a delicious twist as a lager top.  Similarly, put some Gooseberry Syrup in your non-alcoholic beer or mocktails and create something totally unique.

All our syrups are both gluten and dairy free. They are also vegetarian and vegan friendly.

We use neither concentrates nor flavourings and there are no artificial additives.

Ingredients: Cold pressed gooseberries, Fairtrade cane sugar, elderflower

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