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Pembrokeshire Daffodils

Our ethically grown Welsh daffodils have been hand picked from small fields in Pembrokeshire.

They have not been sprayed with pesticides and they have had no artificial fertiliser used on them.

We greatly value the diversity of wildlife at Brooksgrove Farm and actively maintain the land and hedges to provide a safe habitat for our native wildlife.

The daffodil fields are surrounded by thick hedges and overlook a woodland of over 4,000 native trees planted by us in 2011. This provides wildlife corridors for small mammals and plentiful nesting for wild birds. It also provides foraging for bees and other pollinators.

Great care has also been taking in choosing our packaging from responsible sources. Our mail order boxes carry an eco-score of 5. They are made using sustainable materials, are climate neutral, recyclable, biodegradable and plastic free.

The gift card, envelope and tissue paper are manufactured in the UK using 100% recycled paper. They are made without the use of any animal products or animal testing and are free from any animal-based pigments or adhesives including gelatine.

Our 2022 Daffodil season has now finished – Thank you

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