At Brooksgrove Farm we craft our Pembrokeshire farmhouse cider and perry using 100% pure juice and traditional methods.

The Process

It all begins with carefully selected cider apples and perry pears picked from the orchards at their peak ripeness.

After harvesting the fruit, we wash and grade it before milling and pressing. We typically press the fruit for our apple cider straight away, while the perry pears are macerated for 24 hours. Once pressed, we store each single variety of juice in separate tanks for the fermentation to begin.

Using this single variety pressing method enables us to blend our cider and perry to create unique flavours. We can also keep a single variety when we have a particularly good vintage.

Throughout winter, we carefully monitor the juice as it ferments at its own natural pace with minimal intervention from us.

Around springtime, we’ll start planning what to do with the cider and perry. This might be blending, keeping a single variety or further conditioning, each year is different. We will then bottle in small batches ready to enjoy.

The Orchards

Our craft cider journey began in 2010 when we drafted plans to plant orchards at Brooksgrove Farm. We selected varieties of trees not only for the quality of their juice but also for their ability to thrive in the Pembrokeshire climate. Having our own fruit trees means we can carefully and consistently blend our Pembrokeshire cider and perry or produce a single variety.

There are now several acres of trees in our sustainable, pesticide free orchards. These include traditional cider apples, perry pears and Welsh heritage varieties that have grown in Wales for centuries.

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