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6th June 2016 – Pick Your Own

We’ve had lots of enquiries about the Brooksgrove Farm 2016 Pick Your Own season so we thought that we’d better give an update.

As you can imagine, we’ve been very busy getting things ready in the Strawberry Fields here at the farm. There has been lots of weeding, feeding and mowing going on and it’s finally all starting to come together.

There are plenty of strawberries forming on the beds –

strawberry plants at Brooksgrove Farm

strawberry plants at Brooksgrove Farm

and lots of gooseberries on our young gooseberry bushes –

gooseberries at Brooksgrove

gooseberry bushes at Brooksgrove farm

even our raspberries are doing well – but not ready for a while yet..

So when will the Pick Your Own be open? Well, all of our fruit is grown in the open fields and is therefore controlled only by the weather, so it will be ready when its ready.. but our guess is another week or so before we’ve got enough fruit ready to open the farm for PYO.

Just to whet your appetite here’s our very first pick for 2016 – and yes they are delicious..


Brooksgrove Farm Strawberries 2016

We’ll keep you posted..