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We run a small family farm situated just outside Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Our ambition is to produce top quality products using as much of our own produce as possible.

All our produce is grown with respect for the environment and consideration for wildlife and their habitat. We don’t use any pesticides or artificial fertilisers on our crops.

We currently have several acres of apple and perry pear trees in sustainable orchards. They not only have traditional cider apple and perry pear varieties, but also many Welsh heritage varieties, some of which have grown in Wales for centuries.

Regarding heritage, our family can trace its roots back through many generations of Pembrokeshire farmers. We celebrate this in the naming of our ciders and perries. Applebird, Cutty, Siggy Wiggy and Screamer are names from the old Pembrokeshire dialect for the birds that we find on the farm today.

Orchards are nothing without pollinators, so we have an apiary for our honeybees in a quiet sheltered corner of ours. When the blossom arrives in May, the bees are busy gathering pollen and nectar. As a result, the flowers undergo pollination, and the fruit begins to develop. When the blossom has disappeared from the orchards, the bees still have abundant foraging in the surrounding farmland. Thick hedges and acres of wildflower meadows not only help our bees, but also supports the native insect population.

Our fields of Welsh daffodils overlook a woodland of over 4,000 native trees planted by us in 2011. This not only enhances the beauty of the landscape but also provides wildlife corridors for small mammals and abundant nesting sites for wild birds.

We are committed to sustainable development at Brooksgrove Farm and increasing the number of products in our online farm shop.

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